form follows...risk

exhibition curated by Monika Mitášová







The international exhibition entitled 'Form follows…risk' showcases an attempt by contemporary sculpture and architecture to find a new form in a highly complex hybrid whole. This new complexity embraces a number of components, including found objects, liquid and solid forms, materials, and media, and syntheses of photography and video-yet despite this disparity these artists and architects create complexes that act as closed forms. A difficult structure is constantly before our eyes, though this is covered or clothed in a unifying layer which draws together the surface and the inconsistent form. This is immediately reminiscent of the traditions of Dadaism, neo-Dadaism, and Fluxus, artistic approaches in which the material (sourced from outside the art world) and its aesthetic stylization do not matter. The components that make up these works, despite being very difficult to connect, are combined in an unending number of possibilities.