La bienalle di Venezia Giardini di Castello, Venezia, 8. 9. –3. 11. 2002

















we do follow one of forms of the next building: architecture without architects allowing people to determine their living environment on their own. progress of such a system is based on a urban structure generated out of one initiation point: spatial cellula. spatial cell is understood as basic structural grid ready to be added to bigger entities and ensembled of eligible components.
realization of the transparent house with eligible dispositions is presented as an existing conceptus-embryo of future generative spatial structure. Installation is an analysis of the code and its translocations/mutations.
Installation: Experimental transparent house with variable dispositions realized by ksa. presents
an existing conceptus of the future generative spatial structure.
Installation verifies a building system allowing individual human beings and groups to create their own living environments with no architects involved.
Such a system generates urban structure from one initial point: spatial cellula – the basic structural unit forming building skeleton ready to be occupied as a singular or added into growing forms. Structure is to be installed with eligible catalogue components according to the choice of the user. Catalogue components vary....
Installation is an analysis of the code and its transmutations.