(106) passive prefabricated family house, breclav, cz, 2010-2012

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The program of this house is rather unconventional: family house with the railway museum - artifacts from the collection of the customer. The concept is based on the passive energy standard and wooden prefabricated construction.
Three independent entities were participating on the project: site, program and conseqences of the passive standard on shape, details and technical circumstances of the building. We divided the original parents house site to the tapered shape site for the customer - expanding to the edge of the site, to touch the neighbour house. The wooden panel construction is covered with the thermal isolation and corrugated steel plates.
Construction walls divide the interior to the crosswise sections: flat - to the garden, middle strip with service rooms and exhibition space with studio /exposition/ and roof top terrace.
First proposal with concave window to the private garden, we all like, was refused by the municipal authority, because the local regulations /2 floor house with sloping roof to the street/.


Location Břeclav, CZ
Year 2010
Status realized 2012
Client private person
Size 240 m2
Program family house and the exposition of the railway museum


Ján Studený, Maroš Bátora, Ladislav Bartko
team: pavel mejtsky